Our county must utilize innovative strategies and leverage resources in order to ensure that the symptoms and causes of the opioid epidemic decrease. The State of North Carolina has seen a 73% increase in opioid deaths between 2005 and 2015 according to the Governor’s report published May 16, 2017. In Forsyth County, we experienced 13 deaths in 2005 and 53 deaths in 2015. Our families in this county are losing one life per week to the opioid epidemic.

Our citizens will feel safe knowing that we are utilizing resources to safeguard against the opioid crisis. As the Sheriff, Bobby will use his experience as a law enforcement officer and a community partner to tap into his professional relationships with local, state and federal agencies; our families must have the confidence that everything is being done to leverage resources and equip communities with knowledge and tools to overcome the epidemic. Experts throughout this country agree that collaboration is essential; we will work in collaboration with medical professionals, court systems and mental health providers for the care of our fellow citizens.


One of the basic human needs is security. To ensure that residents of Forsyth County are confident in their ability to live their lives to the fullest, they must feel safe in their homes, communities, schools and places of employment. The Sheriff is charged with providing the knowledge, infrastructure and resources to increase safety.

Bobby's focus is to:

  • Create a full-time Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit.

  • Improve patrol response.

  • Coordinate with community partners to tap into currently untapped resources and money.

  • Collaborate with local, state and federal law enforcement to improve safety and positively impact the Forsyth County budget.

  • Improve the investigative capacity of the department.

  • Provide relevant and current training to employees of the department.


The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department is staffed by more than 800 hard-working, conscientious people who deserve the best possible knowledge and experience to serve each other and the citizens of Forsyth County. It is important that both sworn officers and civilian employees are given the resources to enhance professionalism and operate at the highest level that the society and times demand. Employee morale and productivity are key elements in infrastructure and operations. Bobby is committed to fostering an environment that shows care and genuine concern for all employees who serve our county in a professional capacity.

Bobby's focus is on:

  • Enhancing professionalism.

  • Addressing competitive pay and benefits.

  • Fostering positive employee morale.

  • Leveraging resources that are currently available but not being used.


Bobby is extremely concerned about mitigating risk. The Forsyth County Sheriff's Office Law Enforcement Detention Center is an adult maximum security facility. The 400,000 square feet detention center has the capacity to house 1,016 male and female inmates.

Bobby’s focus for addressing challenges at the Forsyth County Detention Center will include the evaluation of all operations and will focus on:

  • Budgetary constraints that impact contracts, inmates and staff.

  • Staffing patterns.

  • Inmate living conditions and employee working conditions.

  • Medical care and services that improve health and reduce liability.